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Visiting Samoa?

Rainforest Runaway Ecotours offers Half Day Tours, Full Day Tours, Hiking Tours, and Personalized Tours around the beautiful Islands of Samoa.

Each tour includes a local guide who is trained in Senior First Aid to Australian and New Zealand standards. Our guide, Manu Percival, is a professionally trained tour guide and holds a wealth of knowledgeable on Samoan culture, local flora and fauna, and the tracks, trails and roads of Samoa for all types of adventures. Rainforest Runaway Ecotours prides itself on comfort, safety and customer satisfaction.

Half Day Tours include a visit to one or two sites, and Full Day Tours include visits to three or more of the many beautiful nooks and craneys of Samoa. A few sites that maybe visited include: the house (museum) of the world famous novelist Robert L. Stevenson best known for the book "Treasure Island"; a swim or slide down one of the many waterfalls of "Papase'ea Sliding Rocks"; Togitogiga waterfalls for a calm swim and cliff jumping (for the more adventurous); a swim with turtles! Hikes offered are to the many caves, craters, lakes and waterfalls where the trails and tracks and only known by a few people in the world. The Personalized Tours are set to do or go anywhere you want in Samoa. Please browse our tour gallery below for more detailed descriptions.

Tour Departures

Rainforest Runaway Ecotours' office is located at the Tiapapata Art Centre, Cross Island Rd, Upolu, Samoa. Tours will generally pick you up and drop you off at your place of accommodation. Prices vary for each tour and discounts are given for group bookings. Call +685 7271727 to book your tour now!

For Cruise Ships

Exclusive 5 star tours that are tailored for cruise-liner passengers.

South Side Island Tour

Travel comfortably to some of the most secluded beaches in Samoa.

North Side Island Tour

Swim with the turtles and see what the North has to offer.

Upland Rainforest Walk

Hike through the pristine upland forests of Upolu.

Coastal Rainforest Walk

Hike through the pristine coastal forests of Upolu.

Personalized Tours!

Explore caves, visit art galleries, see cultural shows, and more!

About Us

Join us to experience that which makes the islands and islets of Samoa one of the most beautiful and unmatched places to explore!

Manu Percival

Tour Guide

Rainforest Runaway Ecotours gives visitors of Samoa a chance to fully experience Samoa's vibrant culture and natural environment. We offer guided tours to Samoa's most secluded and beautiful beaches, the most pristine lakes and waterfalls and isolated untouched coastal and upland tropical rainforest's which very few people in Samoa and beyond get to experience. A unique journey through the Samoan village life and a hands-on encounter with the local arts scene, contemporary and traditional. The islands and islets of Samoa are totally free of all animals, insects, reptiles or plants that cause death or permanent injury. Join us to experience that which makes Samoa, "The Heart of Polynesia", one of the most beautiful and unmatched places to visit!

Contact Us

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions here or by phone: (+685) 7271727 or email: rainforestrunaway@gmail.com